Spectrum Adhesives can provide quality equipment for efficiently applying adhesives. With the proper glue application equipment, the correct adhesive can be applied right where it is needed in the right amount with less waste and cleanup. We offer a range of equipment sizes and capacities to fit many shop and plant requirements, as well as a variety of applicators to fit most any type of glue joints and adhesive application needs.

Pressurized glue tanks available in 1.5, 2.5 & 5 gallon sizes. Can be outfitted with 1, 2 or 3 hoses with applicator guns that have a variety of nozzles and accessories available for many applications.

Pizzi 0002 Standard Gun
Fits all tanks and nozzles
Pizzi 9902 Pistol Gun
With ergonomic grip
also fits all tanks and
Universal Glue Nozzle
Comes standard with
all guns
Domino Joint Nozzles
Nozzles to fit Domino
system slots
Single Dowel Nozzles
Available in 6, 8, 10, &
12 mm sizes
Double Dowel Nozzles
With centers set for
32mm system
Triple Dowel Nozzles
With centers set for
32mm system
Biscuit Nozzle
Fitted for proper
application of adhesive
in biscuit joints
Edge Nozzles
Side guide with adjustable
width application
Groove Nozzles
A variety of sizes for
various groove widths
Roller Spatula Nozzles
Variety of widths to
apply a consistent
width glue line
Gluing Cylinder Nozzles
Various widths to apply
wide consistent glue
Rubber Roller Nozzles
For applying glue to
large surface areas
Universal Nozzle with Guide
Attached adjustable guide
for accurate glue line
Single Sided Spatula
Nozzle to apply an even
coat of adhesive on
one surface
Single Tenon Nozzle
Applies glue to both
sides of a single tenon
Nozzle Tap Adapter
Screws onto faucet
with nozzle for easily
cleaning nozzles
Glue Bottle for 9001 Tank
Glue container to fit
inside 1 ½ gallon Pizzi
9001 system
Glue Bottle for 9012 Tank
Glue container to fit
inside 2 ½ gallon Pizzi
9012 system
Glue Bottle for 9021 Tank
Glue container to fit
inside 5 gallon Pizzi
9021 system
Glue Gun Housing
Reservoir to fit
Pizzi systems for
Pizzi 0002 gun
Glue Gun Bracket
Bracket to hold
reservoir for
Pizzi 0002 gun
Glue Gun Housing
Reservoir to fit
Pizzi systems for
Pizzi 9902 gun
Glue Gun Bracket
Bracket to hold
reservoir for
Pizzi 9902 gun
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System for spraying single component and

two component water based adhesive products.


Hand held roller spreaders with stand in a variety of sizes. Available with closed cell rubber roller, open cell soft rubber roller, or disposable roller for use with liquid PUR adhesives. Replacement rollers and parts available.


Systems for simultaneously applying adhesive to all the proper locations on dovetails and door stiles and rail parts. Heads are custom made to fit specific profiles to your specifications. Units also contain an automatic cleaning system.

Very durable gun for dispensing polyurethane reactive hot melts from 300 gram cartridges. Variable temperature controls. Cartridge preheater units also available.


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Triple Dowel Nozzles

With centers set for 32mm system