Foam Fabricating

Our diverse line of foam fabricating adhesives come in three types: flammable solvent, nonflammable solvent, and water based (both one and two part systems) providing all around solutions for sofa and chair manufacturers as well as bedding manufacturers and foam fabricators. There are simple and economical solutions for forming cushions, laminating fabrics, adhering cushions to frames, foam build up and pillow top assembly. Products are available with differing speeds of set to allow for the most precise application requirements.


  • Both non-VOC and VOC compliant products

  • Bonding of foam to plastics. metals and wood

  • High heat resistances to 250°F

  • Green strength bonds in a few seconds and foam tearing bonds in minutes

  • Non-dimpling soft glue lines




SAI manufactures an adhesive for practically every facet of the woodworking industry. Among them are adhesives for the millwork and furniture industries including PVA adhesives for assembly, doweling, edgegluing and HPL laminating. Pre-catalized crosslinking PVA's for RF, hot pressing, veneering and fingerjointing. Liquid moisture cure PUR adhesives for waterproof and structural applications. Also adhesives used in furniture/cabinet assembly, applications, panels, molding and countertops.



  • Superior strength and impact resistance.

  • Excellent machinability

  • Controlled speed of set to match application.

  • Custom formulas for exact requirements.

  • Long mileage for maximum value.



Spectrum Adhesives manufactures many superior quality laminating adhesives designed specifically for bonding High Pressure Laminate to MDF and particle board. These products can be post formed on automatic assembly lines and can be wet bonded in the traditional cold press method when necessary. They are extremely forgiving and work excellently in a variety of applications. Line also includes adhesives for paper and vinyl laminating of all types.


  • High solids content for short press times.

  • Can be sprayed or roller coater applied.

  • High green strength for strong post forming bonds.

  • Full range of production methods possible.



Our diverse product line includes waterborne and hot melt adhesives for packaging, carton sealing, labeling, and window packaging. We have specially formulated copolymer adhesives for box shop applications, as well as starch and dextrin adhesives for the manufacture of corrugated boxes, folding cartons and lay-flat laminating. Our water based line also includes caseinated Styrene Butadiene latex for duplex and triplex paper to foil laminating, and adhesives for tube winding and honey comb manufacturing.


  • Clean running on high speed set-up lines.

  • Paper tear in 1-3 seconds on corrugated glue lap.

  • Pressure sensitive for envelope and carton windows.

  • Excellent lay flat for print mounting.

  • Indirect contact FDA approvals.