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Formulations that meet your exact requirements. Spectrum Adhesives manufactures many other quality adhesives for a variety of manufacturing operations. Our diverse waterborne product line includes adhesives for packaging, carton sealing and labeling. We have specially formulated copolymer adhesives for box shop applications, as well as starch and dextrin adhesives for the manufacture of corrugated boxes, folding cartons and lay-flat laminating. Our water based line also includes caseinated Styrene Butadiene latex for duplex and triplex paper to foil laminating. Other specialty products include fire retardant laminating adhesives for HPL to MDF and particle board, and vinyl to fiberglass insulation for HVAC applications. Spectrum Adhesives has an adhesive technology for your application.



  • Excellent mileage.

  • Good wet tack.

  • Fast speed of set.

  • Bonding for difficult surfaces.

  • Short press times.

  • Outstanding machinability.

  • Uniform quality and results.

  • Tremendous ease of use.

  • Excellent green strength.

  • Water and heat resistance.

  • High impact resistance.

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